Immune System Reactivation Is Making Progress In Tests With Mice

With ovarian cancer the immune cells that are trying to fight it end up actually turning off. This is what makes ovarian cancer so dangerous. A recent study is showing that disarming a gene named XBP1 is rearming immune cells. By doing this in mice, they have been able to see some promising results. This progress has been shown through a noticeable reduction in tumor progression and burden.

With this exciting news there is still a lot to do. Replicating results in other animals is going to be the next step in order to establish some statistical significance and a wider sample size. Further analysis is going to have to be done to determine what is actually being done on a molecular level when these tumors see reduced progression. Right now there is a surface level view of possible results, but seeing why exactly this is happening is how this research goes further.

The entire article is very in depth and covers a multitude of factors and variables in these tests. If you want to read the nitty-gritty then I suggest you check it out here.