Sabah Mikha – World Ovarian Cancer Day Raises Awareness

May 8 of this year was World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day. The day is a global effort to educate people on a cancer that will affect one in every 57 women in the United States. The awareness effort is aimed at prevention, early detection and, of course, research for treatment.Sabah Mikha reports that ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.  While ovarian cancer cases normally occur in women over 50, it can affect women of any age. Like most cancers, ovarian cancer cannot be prevented completely, but the the American Cancer Society does recommend some steps women can take to decrease their risk.

1. Exercise – moderate exercise for 30 minutes per day greatly improve cardiovascular   health which has been shown to decrease the risk of some cancers, including ovarian cancer.

2.  Maintain a healthy diet – Paying attention to the food groups and avoiding excess fat and sugar helps maintain your body’s natural defenses.

3. Maintain a healthy weight – A healthy BMI has been shown to help prevent a number of diseases, including heart attack, stroke, and many cancers.

4. Don’t smoke – Smoking is tied to a great many cancers, including ovarian cancer.

5. Visit the doctor – Frequent checkups can aid in early detection. Women should have an annual exam that includes a pelvic exam and pap test.

Knowing the symptoms is important for all women. Women who experience pain in the pelvis, back or lower abdominals, vaginal bleeding, weight fluctuation, and digestion dysfunction should contact their doctors right away.

Beyond education and awareness, World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day is about hope for the future. Spread the word to family and loved ones to help beat ovarian cancer.

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Photo by Bill Branson